Julia Blackpatene

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Svart sandal with a buckle.

Made of:
Material: Polyurethane
Outsole: Rubber
Sock: Microfibre
Lining: Leather

As all the shoes from Kavat, they are certainly free from Teflon, PTFE and other fluorinated hydrocarbons.

Please find size and appromixate dimensions of the shoes insole in the scale below. Note that the inside dimensions of a shoe should be about 1-1,5 cm larger than the child's foot:

Size 24: appr. 14,5 cm 
Size 25: appr. 15,5 cm 
Size 26: appr. 16 cm 
Size 27: appr. 17 cm 
Size 28: appr. 17,5 cm
Size 29: appr. 18,5 cm
Size 30: appr. 19 cm
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